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Earthquake Drill April 27 2016

Last Friday, we had our first Earthquake Drill and overall the afternoon went very well.  The main goal was to practice “duck, hold and cover”, students lining up outside in their classrooms for attendance check and re-organizing students to their “family grouping”.  Name tags were distributed and needed to be handed in when students were picked up by their parent or designated alternate.

The family groupings were divided as follows:

Next year, revisions can be made to improve the process during the short earthquake drill in the fall and the full earthquake drill in the spring.

Many thanks to the following parents: Julie Chaki, Madelaine Moreno, Alex Moreno, Adriana Francisco and Tina Janzen.  This group of parents worked tirelessly to organize the earthquake kiosk, purchase supplies, put together backpacks for every classroom in the school and plan the earthquake drill with the school principal.

Their hard work will contribute to the development of a Brantford Earthquake plan for many years to come.