School News

Sports Day (early dismissal)


We encourage all families to come out and cheer on the students this Friday…after all, we may need your muscles to beat those grade 7’s in a tug-o-war!

We will be following the same schedule we have had for the last several years.  BIG thanks to our amazing Ms. Zebrowski for organizing and running this wonderful day.

9:00 = Teams assemble in meeting areas (Gym, Music room, etc..) based on their colour

9:15 = Head out to field for opening events (Chicken run, preschool race)

9:30 = Stations begin

10:30 = Recess break for snack and bathroom…but most students stay at stations

10:45 = Stations resume

11:45 = Lunch

12:25 = School-Wide events (Hula Hoop pass, Over/Under ball pass)

12:45 = Back to gym for gr. 7 vs staff tug-o-war and find out results

1:00 = Dismissal