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1000 Paper Cranes

Mr. Chu & Mr. Cole, along with all the students from division 5 have become celebrities.

Today, CityTV stopped by Brantford to interview and film staff and students about an initiative they started called 1000 Paper Cranes.

It started with Mr. Chu using the story of Sadaku and the Thousand Paper Cranes (click HERE for a short YouTube tribute to Sadaku to give you some background) to promote teamwork and incorporate in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Art.  More recently, Mr. Cole ran across a Province newspaper article (click HERE for article), in which these paper cranes could make a massive positive impact on a local lady suffering from leukemia…and that’s when CityTV and The Province found out.

The story will likely air tonight during the 6:00 pm CityTV News, which is traditionally channel 13, and will also live stream at  Click HERE for the CityTV news story.

We’ll keep you updated on the Province news story when it happens.

Division 5, along with Mr. Chu and Mr. Cole, will release dates for autograph signing when they are finished with the paparazzi.  Way to SOAR Eagles!