School News

Internet Safety (April 25th)

We are lucky to welcome Darren Laur from Personal Protection Systems Inc. (aka the White Hatter) to speak to intermediate students at Brantford on April 25th in the hopes of helping them to proactively understand the enabling power of digital technology and mobile communications, but also how to mitigate the sometimes unintended consequences of high risk/undesirable online behaviour. He’ll be covering topics such as:

  • What are Chat Rooms, Instant Messaging, and SMS/MMS texting and how to stay safe while using them
  • Cell phone/ Smart Phone and Web Cam safety
  • What is your “digital dossier” and how students are placing their reputation and privacy at risk when on-line
  • The good and bad of Social Networks such as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Skype”, Tumblr”, “Instagram”, “Snapchat”, “Vine” and “”
  • Why students need to consider that everything they do on-line is public, permanent and searchable no matter what their privacy settings
  • What is Cyber Bullying/Digital Peer Aggression and what can be done to control it

His award winning program clearly outlines the dangers associated with accessing online content and promotes responsible digital citizenship. For more information click HERE.

We encourage parents to attend the parent information session (April 25th @ 7pm) in which other community families from Buckingham, Morley, and Windsor have also been invited. Some come early to get your seats in the Brantford gym. There is no charge thanks to our wonderfully supportive PAC.