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Much like we did last year, Brantford will be purchasing school supplies in bulk for next year.  This is being done to provide supplies of consistent quality & quantity, while at the same time helping to save families time and money…a WIN-WIN.  In addition, the foundation of this movement aligns well with teaching cooperation, community, and respect as some of the supplies will be shared.

This is just the 2nd year for this at Brantford, but there will be a few “tweaks” for this year.

    1. All items purchased last year where there were issues with quality, will not be purchased this year (for example, budget binders and pencils will be upgraded this year)
    2. Orders will be placed THIS YEAR so they are ready to go for start up our first day back (last year we had to wait into October due to back orders for some supplies).
    3. We’ve increased the cost by $5 this year due to the fact of increased prices of items (refer to back).

As always, we are trying to keep costs as low as possible, lessen shopping time, promote the idea of “WE before ME”, be more environmentally friendly, keep supplies consistent for ALL students, and ensure that each classroom is supplied with exactly what will be used that year.  After all, no one likes buying a compass set that sits in a desk collecting dust all year.

We are asking for $30 from families for EACH student to cover the costs of the following items listed on the back (grade-dependant).  We hope that all families will participate in the bulk supplies for next year, however, if you do not pay the $30, you will need to provide most of the items listed below for your child(ren).

I’ve broken down each of the items to their relative cost (based on online prices given on May 21st from the 2 most prominent school supply stores, Staples and Walmart, and based on the quantity we’d need).  As you can see, the savings are significant.

Staples Walmart
Pencils & Pens $8.00 $8.50
Erasers $4.50 $4.00
Felts $11.29 $10.00
Pencil Crayons $4.69 $5.49
Glue $8.99 $12.19
Paper $15.28 $13.00
Highlighters $6.58 $5.94
Duotangs $6.49 $8.00
Binders $10.00 $10.00
Paints $16.99 $30.00
Pastels $5.00 $6.97
Tape $12.00 $11.97
Rulers $1.25 $0.89
Tissue $2.00 $1.95
Scissors $5.59 $4.47
Geometry Sets $6.29 $4.97
Calculators $3.48 $5.97
Index cards $3.57 $4.55
Dictionary $4.98 $3.89
Thesaurus $4.98 $3.89
French/English Dictionary $4.98 $3.89
TOTAL => $146.93 $160.53

There are some individual items that will still need to be provided by each home:

  • Backpack
  • Gym/indoor shoes (something inexpensive)
  • Primary = Full change of clothes
  • Intermediates = Gym bag with gym strip
  • Headphones/earbuds (recommended for intermediate…but not necessary)

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Gurney at , 604-296-9002, or stop by the office at any time.  As always, thanks for your continued support,

Please click HERE for the new school supply form.  You can even pay online using SchoolCash (