Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run usually takes place on the Friday afternoon before the official Terry Fox Run on Sunday.  This is a fundraising event for the Terry Fox Foundation.  This is a community event and we invite parents, grand-parents, and friends to join us.

The Terry Fox Run has been taken place in schools around the province since 1980. Terry was born in 1958 and was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21.  On April 12 1980, Terry started his cross-Canada run in St-John’s Newfoundland and ran an average of 42 km per day across 6 provinces. Sadly, Terry had to abandon his dream on September 1 1980 after running for 143 days and 5373 km. because his primary cancer had returned.  Terry’s famous words still resonate today when he said ” I’m going to do my very best, I promise I won’t give up”.

As of 2014, the Terry Fox Foundation had raised over $650 million.

Let’s keep the dream alive and take part in the Terry Fox Run.